Vehicle Consignment

Vehicle Consignment

You want to sell your 2cv or Méhari ?

To simplify the sale of your vehicle, the 2CV MCC offer you the opportunity to take advantage
of its vehicle consignment service which selects and markets dozens of vehicles every year.

The advantages of vehicle consignment at 2CV Méhari Club Cassis:

  • No guarding or referencing fees.
  • The integration of your vehicle to our permanent exhibition park at Cassis, which is visited by thousands of enthusiasts throughout the year.
  • Your free announcement on our website
  • Our label of quality MCC Like that values vehicles with an excellent state of conservation and maintenance.
  • After a free technical control our service will suggest a responible selling price for your vehicle.

Conditions :

  • Valide vehicle registration papers are required in the name of the person leaving the vehicle (who must be the vehicle’s owner).
  • The manufacturer’s plate must be present and the plate number should correspond to that indicated on the registration papers.
  • For vehicles under 30 years old: It is an obligation that the chassis number be engraved on the chassis, the number must correspond with those indicated on the manufacturer’s plate and vehicle registration papers.

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